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Machine Tools Tenders

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Bid Submission Date Range
Tender Value

Central Government / Public Sector

CTN :36016810 Due date: 18 Apr, 202418 Apr, 2024 NA
Tender For procurement of ingersoll rand make compressor spares - list of item(s) / work(s) as per tender documents, rotor complt 3api ist stage,p/n:23150956, rotor complt 3api 2nd stage,p/n:23150964, rotor complt 3api 3rd stage,p/n:23150972, diffuser 3api 1st stage,p/n 22862544, diffuser 3api 2nd stage, p/n 9.502.999, diffuser 3api 3rd stage,p/n:9.503.100, brg bull thrust 3a, p/n 7x10236, plain brg for 3acii stg-3,p/n:7x13480, plain bearing 3acii s1, p/n 5x13106, plain bearing 3acii s2, p/n 7x14955, seal oil 3acii 3rd stage, p/n 3x10186, seal oil 3acii 2nd stage, p/n 3x10185, retainer seal 3acii s2, p/n 4.500.744, retainer seal 3acii 1st, p/n 7x10999, seal air 3acii 3rd stage, p/n 3x10184, seal air 3acii 2nd stage,p/n 3x10183, brg bull thrust 3a s1, p/n 7x10996, thrust brg 3acii 2stg, p/n 68195783, thrust brg 3acii 3stg, p/n 68195791, thrust bearing inac, 3c 4c, p/n 5x1097, o-ring, p/n 20a11em265, o-ring, p/n 20a11em032, o-ring, p/n 20a11em115, o-ring,p/n 20a11em379, o-ring, p/n 67677955, kit gasket for intercooler stage 3, tube bundle a/f (st-3), p/n-17252909001, tube bundle st-2, p/n-1725289100, tube bundle st-1, p/n-17252883001, gskt&o-ring,s1,p/n17252883gkt, gskt&o-ring,s2,p/n17252891gkt, inlet guide vane 12", p/n 19sp645, tcv 1-1/2 cmcw100-01,p/n-68112051im, pmp m.o w/o driver 3cii, p/n 67987289im, zero air loss trap, p/n 22699706 im

Central Government / Public Sector

CTN :36048909 Due date: 18 Apr, 202418 Apr, 2024 NA
Tender For procurement of wilo mather make pump spares - list of item(s) / work(s) as per tender documents, pump shaft, p/n1802, impeller(suctn), p/n1506, sleeve nut, p/n3032, pump brg sleeve, p/n2832, pump brg bush, p/n2830, int. brg. bush, p/n2801, key (solid muff coupling), p/n3260, key (impeller), p/n3210, lock nut, p/n 3012, solid muff coupling, p/n2050, ratchet pin, p/n2004, `o`ring(int.brg.& rising pipe),p/n4250-1, gland, p/n2311, suc. strainer, p/n4900, bare pump assly,cne18x5stg,motor driven, impeller, p/n1504, int. brg. sleeve, p/n2834, imp. sleeve, p/n2832, pump brg bush, p/n2830, int. brg. bush, p/n2801, ratchet bush, p/n2001, key (solid muff coupling), p/n3260, key (impeller), p/n3210, sleeve nut, p/n3032, solid muff coupling, p/n2050, csng & diffsr, p/n1030, `o`ring(int.brg.& rising pipe),p/n4250-1, suc. bell mouth, p/n4910, suc. strainer, p/n4900, gland sleeve, p/n2106, rising main pipe (intrmdt-i), p/n1151, bare shaft assembly, pump shaft,p/n:1802, impeller.,p/n:1504, impeller sleeve.,p/n:2832, neck ring.,p/n:1181, pump brg. bush.,p/n:2830, diffuser.,p/n:1030, split collar.,p/n:2060, rising main pipe. (bottom),p/n:1150, impeller distance piece.,p/n:1704, suction strainer.,p/n:4900, impeller nose cap.,p/n:1651, suction bell mouth.,p/n:4910, casing,p/n:1030, int shaft.,p/n:1805-1, int shaft.(small),p/n:1805, top shft,p/n:1803,tag no:35-p-131a/b/c/d, pump shaft,p/n:1800, top shaft,p/n:1803,tag no:35-pa-131 e/f, impeller,p/n:1500, int. guide. sleeve,p/n:2834, neck ring (de),p/n:1182, neck ring ( nde ),p/n:1181, impeller wear ring (nde),p/n:1602, impeller wear ring (de),p/n:1601, split ring,p/n:1823, pump brg, bush,p/n:2830, brg. bush (bottom),p/n:2702, int. guide. bush carrier,p/n:2802, int. guide bush,p/n:2801, key (thrust block),p/n:3280, impeller key,p/n:3200, key(solid muff coupling.),p/n:3260, gasket,p/n:4080-1, gasket,p/n:4080, solid muff coupling, p/n2050, plug,p/n:4190, o ring (st. box),p/n:4250-2, o ring (rm. pipe),p/n:4250-1, o ring ( casing & bell mouth),p/n:4250, sand collar,p/n:2061, split collar,p/n:2060, fastners, sleeve nut (lh.),p/n:3031, suction bell mouth,p/n:4910, strainer,p/n:4900, gland sleeve,p/n:2106, taper rising main pipe,p/n:1161, rising main pipe (int.),p/n:1151-1, rising main pipe (int.),p/n:1151, delivery bend cum motor stool,p/n:1041, bare pump assly,16" vmf4, mather+platt, bare pump assly,cne24x4stg,motor driven, bare pump assly,cne24"4stg,engine driven, bare pump assly,12" vmf5,motor driven, bare pump assly,12" vmf5,mather+platt

Private Sector

CTN :36047427 Due date: 29 Apr, 202429 Apr, 2024 NA
Tender For quotation for fresh fruits & vegetables , english vegetables & fruits , sea foods & meats , chicken & poultry products , chicken & poultry products , grocery & dry provision items , spices, herbs & dry fruits canned & bottled products , sodas, packaged water & tetra pack juices , printing & office stationery items , charcoal, solid & gel fuel , guest amenities/supplies , cleaning & general supplies , engineering items , laundry & dry cleaning , crockery & cutlery , kitchen utensils , frozen foods for remee grand hotel

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :36016939 Due date: 15 Apr, 202415 Apr, 2024 NA
Tender For procurement of spares fixing material for the gas turbine majoroverhauling (c-inspection), ntpc jhanor - seal crs rotor, blade,htct693061p00094, seal crs heat, shield,htct693061p00098, sealing, strip,htct693061p00089,abb,13, e1, blade safety, lock,htct693061p00085,abb, blade safety, lock,htct693061p00086,abb, blade safety, lock,htct693061p00087,abb, sealing, strip,htct693061p00091,abb,13, e1, sealing, strip,htct693061p00091,abb,13, e1, seal crs rotor, blade,htct693061p00096, crs seal head, shield,htct693061p00100, crs seal rotor, blade,htct693061p00097, sealing, strip,htct693061p00092,abb,13, e1, sealing, strip,htct693061p00093,abb,13, e1, blade safety, lock,htct693061p00088,abb, damping, wire,htct693061p00101,abb,13, e1, vane end, seal,htct693057p00150,abb,13e, 1, locking, bolt,htct693057p00155,abb,13, e1, spring,htct693057p00156,abb,, 13e1, vane, seal,htct693057p00136,abb,13e, 1, vane, seal,htct693057p00137,abb,13e, 1, vane end, seal,htct693057p00151,abb,13e, 1, locking, strip,htct693057p00158,abb,13, e1, vane, seal,htct693057p00139,abb,13e, 1, vane, seal,htct693057p00140,abb,13e, 1, vane, seal,htct693057p00141,abb,13e, 1, vane#3 end, seal,htct693057p00152,abb, vane#3, seal,htct693057p00153,abb,13e, 1, locking, strip,htct693057p00159,abb,13, e1, segment, seal,htct693057p00176,abb,13e, 1, segment, seal,htct693057p00177,abb,13e, 1, segment, seal,htct693057p00178,abb,13e, 1, sfty locking, segment,htct693057p00193, segment, seal,htct693057p00182,abb,13e, 1, segment, seal,htct693057p00183,abb,13e, 1, segment, seal,htct693057p00184,abb,13e, 1, bolt,htct693057p00051,abb,13, e1, spring,htct693057p00052,abb,, 13e1, ring,htct693057p00047,abb,13e, 1, spring,htct693057p00058,abb,, 13e1, welded sealing, plate,htct693053p00060, welded sealing, plate,htct693053p00056, pressure, pin,htct693053p00051,abb,13e1, welded sealing, plate,htct693053p00062, glass, disc,htct693054p00182,abb,13e, 1, sealing, ring,htct693054p00181,abb,13e, 1, locking, washer,htct693057p00095,abb, ,13e1, oil scraper half, rng,htct693062p00149, safety, sleeve,htct693056p00010,abb,, 13e1, grafi packing, ring,htct800905p00021,abb, rad seal belt, spring,htct693056p00221, sealing, set,htcz620913p00200,abb,13e1, gland packing, set,htcz620915p00203,abb, interior fitting, set,htcz620915p00204, piston guide, tape,htcz620645p00014,abb, seal, kit,htcz620696p00010,abb,13e1, suspension, pin,htct693054_v3_p00355,abb, ring,htct693054_v3_p00356,ab, b,13e1, gasket,htcz620645p00013,abb,, 13e1, gasket,htcz620645p00016,abb,, 13e1, rotor lifting, rope,htct442686p0001,abb, rotor lifting, rope,htct442686p0002,abb, hitching, rope,gmd5973160c&4,ge,13e1, hitching, rope,gmd5973160c&5,ge,13e1.

Central Government/Public Sector

CTN :36050830 Due date: 03 May, 202403 May, 2024 16.95 Lacs
Tender For supply of take up axle steel bushing, part no. 104019103. , bushing bronze, part no. 104019043. , bushing, part no. 104019063. , bushing, part no. 104019060. , bushing, part no. 104019062. , ring, part no. 104019011. , ring, part no. 104019025. , washer, part no. 104019029. , washer, part no. 104019082. , washer bushing, part no. 104019030. , retainer, part no. 104019014. , retainer 104019024, part no. 104019024. , bushing 104002016, part no. 104002016. , bushing 104002010 _ 10050215, part no. 104002010. , pin 90, part no. 104001001. , guide pin, part no. 104018302.

CTN :35186710 Due date: 15 Apr, 202415 Apr, 2024 NA
Tender For bid to ras corrigendum : supply of tools for mechanic auto body painting trade - bucket sponge squeegee chamois and tack rags , different type of spoon , general purpose dolly , paint scrapper putty mixing board putty applicator knife , spanners socket with speed handle t bar ratchet and universal , steel tool box with lock and key folding type , toe dolly , air blow gun with standard accessories , air impact wrench with standard accessories , air ratchet with standard accessories , angle plate adjustable , angle plate , anvil , car jet washer with standard accessories , chain pulley block , circlip pliers expanding and contracting type , cylinder bore gauge capacity , depth micrometer , dial gauge , different type of bumping hammers , different type of body hammers , different type of body picks , different type of body spoon , different type of dolly block , different type of finishing hammers , different type of pick hammers , drift punch copper , files assorted sizes and types including safe edge file 20 nos , garage rack , granite surface plate , grease gun , grip wrench , growler , hammer copper , hand operated crimping tool , hand reamers adjustable , hand shear universal , lead light , left cut snips , lifting jack screw type , magneto spanner , marking out table , outside micrometer , panel buffing machine , pipe cutting tool , plastic feeler gauges , portable electric drill machine , right cut snips , rivet sets snap and dolly combined , scriber with scribing black universal , set of stock and dies , shear tin mans , sheet metal cutting pliers left right hand and straight jaw configuration , shertinmans , soldering copper hatchet type , solid parallels in pairs , spanner clyburn , spanner t flocks for screwing up and up screwing inaccessible , stud extractor , suction cup , taps and dies complete , taps and wrenches metric , torque wrenches , trammel , trim and upholstery tools , vacuum gauge to read , various sanding blocks soft hard speed file and de nibbling tools , verniercaliper

CTN :36048600 Due date: 02 May, 202402 May, 2024 NA
Tender For supply of needle , disposible syringe 1ml with needle , disposible syringe 3ml with needle , disposible syringe 2ml with needle , disposible syringe 50ml with needle , disposible syringe 5ml with needle , disposible syringe20ml with needle , distilled water 5litr , ecg chest lead , ecg jelly 200gm , ecg roll 20x80 mtr , endotracheal tube cuff all size , endotrasheal tube plain all size , epidurl kit with clip 16no , epidurl kit with clip 18no , exam rubber gloves , extension line iv 2way all size , extension line iv 3way all size , external ventricular drain evd , facial dialator set 10fr , facialdialator set 12fr , facial dialator set 16fr , facial dialator set 18fr , feeding tube all size , flexometelic et tube all size armoured endotracheal tube , foley cath 2way 6no , foley cath 2way 10no , foley cath 2way 12no , foley cath 2way 14no , foley cath 2way 16no , foley cath 2way 18no , foley cath 2way 8no , folleys urinary catheter 3way no16 , folleys urinary catheter 3way no18 , folleys urinary catheter 3way no20 , folleys urinary catheter 3way no22 , folleys urinary catheter 3way no24 , formaldehyde solution 5 lit , formaldehyde solution 500 ml , formalin 5lit , fully nitinol stone basket 3fr 70cm , fully nitinol stone basket 3point5 fr70cm , j tip guide wire , glucometer strips blood glucose test strips , glycerin enema , guide wire j tip 0035frx150cm , healex spray , hemolock clip green , hemolock clip gold , hemolock clip purple , hemodialysis catheter kit hdc cvc 12fr by 13cm , hubcutter , i c d 16 to 30 intercostal drainage catheter with trocar , i gel , ice crusher machine , intracath fixer , ir thermameter , iv cannula all size , iv set adult , iv set paed , ivf ringer lactate 500ml pouch , iv chamber set paed , jelco 20g x 30mm introduces needle with cannula , laryngoscope adult with blade , laryngoscope peadiatric with blade , liga clip 100 , liga clip 200 , liga clip 300 , lignocaine jelly 2percent sterial , linear cutter reload cartiledge 75mm , lox 10percent spray , luker lok syringe 10ml , luker lok syringe bd 20ml , luker lok syringe bd 50ml , malicot catheter , nasal airway set paed , nasal airway set adult , needle cutter electric , negative suction drain set no 14g , negative suction drain set no 16g , neil catheter , northpole e t tube all size , o2 mask adult , o2 mask child , opsite 30cm x 28cm113 by 4inx11in , paper adhesive plaster 3inchx5mtrroll , paper adhesive plaster 2 inch x 5 mtrroll , parrafin gauze , peripheral nerve stimulator 5cc n 10cc with needle , perma cath 36cm , perma cath 40cm , pncl catheter with trochar pigtail , pncl puncture needle 3part , pop 4 inch , pop 6 inch , proctolysis enema , regzin apran neck to foot , reservoir bag all size , ring forcep micro , romovac drain all size , roll bandage 12cm x 5mtr , ryles tube all size , silicon balloon catheter all size , silvernitrate 5 lt jar , skin graffting blade , skin stapler , skin stapler remover , sodium hypochloride solution 5lit , south pole endotracheal tube all size , spinal needle , spirit 500ml , spirit 1 lits , spirometry , suction tube all size , surgical blade no 11 to 24no , t u r set , under water sealed drainage bag chest brain bag , ureteral catheter size fr all size , urine collection bag , urometer with urine collection bag , v p shunt , x ray film 10x12 digital kodak pkt of 125 film , x ray film 14x17 digital kodak pkt of 125 film , x ray film 8x10 digital kodak pkt of 125 film , yankur suctionset

CTN :35967785 Due date: 15 Apr, 202415 Apr, 2024 12.81 Lacs
Tender For corrigendum : supply of hammer ball pein , chisel cold flat , steel rule , screw driver , spanner de , pliers combination , center punch , hand file flat , ring spanner , steel toolbox with locks and key , safety goggles , safety helmets , hand gloves leather , steel rule , divider spring , prick punch , chisel cross cut , hammer ball pein , hammer copper , engineer square , scriber , universal scriber block , marking out tables , surface plate , angle plate , hacksaw frame , vee block with clamp , punch hollow , number punch , letter punch , hand vice , screw driver electrician , file flat , file flat safe edge , file triangular , file half round , file round , file square , screw pitch gauge of bsw bsp bsf and metric , drill twist , taps and dies complete , high speed steel hand reamer , scraper flat , scraper half round , scraper triangular , micrometer outside , micrometer inside , vernier caliper depth to read both inches and mm , hammer planishing , setting hammer , mallet wooden , trammel , blow lamp , soldering iron , soldering iron copper , pilers nose round and straight , snip straight , pot melting , poker , open spanners , spanners double off set double , double open ended ignition spanner of ba , adjustable spanner , box spanner , spanner ring , spanner for spark plug , pipe ranches stillson type , set of allen key , double open ended spanner , torque wrench , drill drift , grease gun , oil can , chain block , tray cleaning , drilling machine pillar type capacity up to 20mm dia with motor , valve grinding stick , valve seat cutting tools complete with guide and pilot bar all angle in a box , extractor stud ezy out type , compression gauge , oil stone , piston ring remover and compressing tool , fire extinguisher , tachometer counting type , puller set , lifting jack mechanical , injection testing set hand operated , injection cleaning kit , tube expander with cutter for copper tubes , bench grinder , arbor press hand operated , diesel engine cut away model two show working parts for demonstration , diesel engine 4 stroke multi cylinder , petrol engine running condition car type indian make , diesel engine running condition stationary type , petrol engine vertical 2 stroke , portable hand blower electrically operated , battery charger , hydrometer consumable tool , work bench with 4 vices 12cm jaw , trainees locker

CTN :36043668 Due date: 01 May, 202401 May, 2024 NA
Tender For indigenous development of select fit ring adjusting 15 lines

CTN :36043678 Due date: 01 May, 202401 May, 2024 NA
Tender For indigenous development of select fit ring adjusting 11 lines
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